Sonje Yo Get Involved

The issue of international poverty has a direct contribution to human rights violation and can seem so big, it’s hard to know where to start making an impact. Through Sonje Yo there are many of opportunities to begin making an impact, either right away, as part of a campaign you can sponsor a mini project or a family; run with your church or group, or as a long-term partner in our fight against abject poverty.

Make a Difference Today

Our Make a Difference Today page is full of ways that you can have an impact…today. It has some of our most urgent needs and the most tangible items that can make an immediate impact in the lives of the people we serve. It’s a quick and easy way to know that you’re making a difference and begin your partnership with Sonje Yo… MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY- click here

Make a Financial Donation

Your financial gifts allow us to continue to protect human dignity, support our partners in Haiti with education/trainings, medical and building supplies, healthcare needs, legal resources, agricultural supports and general operating expenses. We are a Charity Human Rights Navigator and committed to directing as much money as possible to our partners… click here to MAKE A DONATION.

Engage Your Group, Business Partners or Family

We make it easy to engage your church, your group, your business partner or your family in the issue of human rights and poverty in real and tangible ways. We provide you with resources you need to run a campaign that will get people involved in the issue and making a difference through activities that are educational and meaningful.

Operation Clean HANDS”DSC01534

We need soap and sanitizer to save lives. After the recent cholera outbreak in Haiti that killed over 15,000 people and over 300,000 infected throughout the Island. Sonje Yo offers project “Operation Clean Hands” as away to save lives. According to all health studies, hand washing is one of the easiest prevention of the deadly intestinal infection. Sonje Yo (Remember Them) needs your help to continue this operation- proving soap and sanitizer to the most vulnerable group. $1 can save a life… $50 can save 50 lives;  $1,000 can save 1,000 lives- your dollars or in-kind donations including “soaps & sanitizers” are tax deductible. Please click here to donate for this project or click here to contact us today!

Sonje Yo “Nord’ouest, Haiti”

Sonje Yo, North West, Haiti is of our campaign to bring an array of relief to the people of Mare-Rouge and adjacent. This interactive event encourages you to pack food, school supplies and technologies, lap top computers, printers, iPods, and  tablets for the children of Mare-Rouge to help them reach their human potential, and support micro loans for entrepreneurs that will aid them move from abstract poverty to productive citizen by growing green gardens, fruits and vegetables.

gChanging Kids’ Lives: Coin Collection

Did you know that the average home contains enough spare change lying around to feed a poor family for a month, or send a child to school for three months? Changing Kids’ Lives provides coin collection canisters and instructions for how to turn that change into changed lives. Let your spare change protect kids human rights in Haiti.